De NPG in English

What is the NPG ?

The Dutch Protestant Church around the Lake of Geneva (de Nederlandse Protestantse Gemeente or NPG) is a protestant church with an oecumenical orientation for all those speaking Dutch (or Flemish, or Afrikaans) whose members live in the Lake Geneva region. The members of this church can participate in services or bible study groups in their own language. The church has a broader social function as pastoral support is offered also to people outside the congregation that are in need of it.

The church has been founded by prayer groups that were formed after the great flood of 1953 in The Netherlands. The church is connected with the Protestant Church of Geneva and its ministers are associated with the Protestant Church of the Netherlands. Once a month the service takes place in the church in Commugny. Services are held for Easter, Whitsunday, Christmas and Good Friday.  The congregation doesn’t own its building and is financially depending on gifts.

And integration?

The Dutch are known for their willingness to learn foreign languages. Because of this many members of the NPG are also active in their local communities and have French speaking friends. Still, they feel the urge to express themselves in their own language about subjects that touch them. The NPG offers this possibility without isolating its members from the communities they live and work in.

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